Recreational Fires


City of Aliquippa Rules for Recreational Fires

  • Only clean dry wood products are to be burned, no treated or painted lumber is permitted.
  • Fire size is limited to three (3) foot in diameter and two (2) foot in height.
  • Fire location no closer than 25 feet from a structure or combustible material. Conditions that could cause fire to spread must be removed prior to ignition.
  • Fires in patio fire pits or chimineas must be in accordance with manufacturer instructions.
  • Fires are not permitted within ten (10) feet of any street, public way or property line.
  • All fires shall be constantly attended until extinguished and
  • An approved method of extinguishing fire shall be on site for immediate utilization ( i.e. Fire Extinguisher with minimum 4A rating, garden hose, water barrel, sand, dirt or water truck).
  • The Fire Chief or his designee may order a fire extinguished if it is deemed unsafe or a nuisance.


City of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

Reminder- Rental Registrations are due for 2022

All rental properties must be registered with the City of Aliquippa. There is no exoneration if you do not receive your rental form. All landlords MUST provide tenant changes by fax to 724.375.4594 or email to cheryl.mcfarland@aliquippapa.gov.

Violations of this ordinance are punishable with fines not to exceed $1000.00 plus costs.

Ord 3 of 2014 Rental Registrations

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