The City of Aliquippa is currently permitted to discharge stormwater under existing NPDES Permit No. PAG-136334, with authorization being granted through a Federal regulated Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program. The goal of the MS4 program is to reduce the discharge of pollutants to stormwater in order to protect water quality. The City will continue to implement requirements of the MS4 program to protect water resources in the community through the following:
Create a better understanding of the links between land use, runoff management, water quality, and flood control.
Promote awareness of the storm sewer system as an essential component of the municipal infrastructure, and how household or business pollutants must be eliminated from the system.
Encourage public participation in community activities such as waterway cleanup or restoration.
Work with the private-developer, commercial, industrial and homeowner communities to reduce sediment and nutrient runoff to waterways.
Make a stronger, fact-based connection between pollution reduction and decreased costs of treating the public drinking water supply.
Participate in and support local watershed groups’ organizational meetings and awareness events.
Satisfy the requirements of the City of Aliquippa’s MS4 General Permit.

Residents and business owners in the City of Aliquippa can help by the following:
Monitor storm sewer inlets near your property.  No one should be dumping anything into the storm sewer system.  Contact the Police Department immediately if you witness illegal dumping.
Clean up after your pets and dispose of their waste properly.
Use fertilizers properly and efficiently to prevent excess runoff.
Properly store materials that could contaminate water supply.
Report any chemical spills.

Environmental Emergencies should be reported immediately to 911.

If you would like to submit an on-line complaint to the City of Aliquippa, please use the link below:

Stormwater Complaint Form


If you would like to read our Annual Status Reports for the MS4 Program please follow the links below:

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2021-2022 – MS4 Annual MS4 Status Report

2020-2021 Annual MS4 Status Report

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2018-2019 Annual MS4 Status Report


For more information on Stormwater Management and MS4 requirements, please visit the PA DEP or EPA websites at the following links:

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Fertilizer Dangers

MS4 Brochure


Washing Car Dangers

Pet Waste Dangers

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