Recycling Guidelines




  1. Recyclables: The City of Aliquippa collects recyclables at the curb every other week on the day of your regular garbage collection. That has not changed.


The night before collection, place your red recycling container at the curb.

ABOUT RECYCLING CONTAINERS:  Your recycling container is provided for your use by the City of Aliquippa and remains City property. Therefore, it is to be used solely for holding recyclables and must remain with the property if you move.  It also must be replaced at your expense if destroyed by misuse or if lost.  The City recommends your address be placed on the container.


  1. Yard Waste: The City of Aliquippa collects yard waste at the curb on the opposite weeks of your recycling week on the day of your regular refuse collection.  Or you are welcome to contact the City for a special pick-up at 724-375-5188 Ext. 1.


  1. Holidays: If a holiday falls on a weekday, pick-up will be one day later than the usual day.  Observed Holidays are noted on the calendar.  If a holiday falls on a weekend your curbside pick-up day is not affected.


  1. Drop-Off Recycling: Paper and cardboard bins are located at the City Building at 581 Franklin Ave.


Yard waste drop-off: bin is located behind the Suntex Station at the Salt Shed on Kennedy Boulevard.  Available weekdays from 8am to 2pm. ILLEGAL DUMPING IS PROHIBITED!! YARD WASTE ONLY!!



  1. Curbside Recyclable Items:


Tin – Metal – Aluminum – food and beverage containers and empty aerosol cans – rinsed out and emptied of contents.  No chemical or paint cans.

Glass –clear, green, and brown food and beverage containers only.  Metal lids and rings must be removed. Do not crush glass. We cannot recycle window or plate glass, crystal, light bulbs, headlights, mirrors, ceramics, Pyrex cookware or bakeware, drinking glasses or microwave oven trays.

Plastic Bottles – # 1 and # 2 (PET& HDPE) rinsed out and empty of contents.  Lids must be removed.


  1. Yard Waste:

Leaves, garden residues, tree and shrubbery clippings but no grass clippings!  For curbside collection, place yard waste in a pile near your garbage or place them in a kraft paper bag available at hardware stores or use the drop-off bin. DO NOT USE PLASTIC GARBAGE BAGS.


  1. Drop-off recyclable items:

Cardboard, newspaper, office paper and magazines – loose or placed in paper bags.  Do not put in plastic bags.  Do not bundle with twine or tape.


  1. PREPARATION: Rinse containers thoroughly of food and liquids to eliminate odors. Nonfood containers do not need to be rinsed. Labels can be left on containers. Cans and plastic bottles do not need to be flattened but can be accepted as such to conserve space. Treat recyclables as a valuable resource, and store them in the red recycling container that has been provided to you. Please DO NOT put your recyclable items in plastic bags of any kind.



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