Public Works Department

Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance of city roads and storm sewers. The Public Works department also responds to sanitary sewer issues, performs sewer tap inspections for new connections to the system and oversees the city’s curbside recycling program.

Curbside Recycling Information


The purpose of recycling is to reduce the amount of waste that is landfilled or burned. Much of our waste is a resource that can be used over again, and valuable landfill space can be conserved by our recycling efforts. Recycling an aluminum beverage can save enough energy to keep a 100 watt light bulb burning about three and a half hours.

Americans generate more garbage than any other country, 150 million tons per year. That’s enough to cover 1,000 football fields in 30 stories of waste! Each person contributes three to four pounds of trash each day. Today, about 10 percent of our total waste stream — 15 million tons a year — is recovered and returned to commerce. Recycling diverts a substantial amount of material from disposal and puts it to productive use, as well as reducing the cost of waste management, protecting the quality of our air and water conserving resources and energy.


  • Plastic bottles
  • Glass (clear, green and brown beverage bottles and food jars) — Metal lids and rings are to be removed and discarded with trash. Plastic rings are okay to leave on glass bottles and food jars. Do not crush glass. We cannot recycle window glass, crystal, light bulbs, ceramics, Pyrex cookware or drinking glasses.
  • Aluminum
  • Bi metal and Steel Cans
  • Paper — For your convenience, paper ABITIBI bins are available to drop off your paper, newspapers and magazines at the City Building (581 Franklin Ave.), the B.F. Jones Memorial Library or the City of Aliquippa School District.


The City of Aliquippa will be collecting recyclables at the curb every other week on the day of your regular refuse collection. Your leaves, garden residue, shrubbery and tree trimmings and similar material (but not including grass clippings) will be picked up on the opposite week of your regular recycling weeks. You are also welcome to call the City Office (724-375-5188 Ext 1) for this type of recycling pick up.

For your convenience, the City has placed a roll off bin for leaves, garden residue, shrubbery and tree trimmings and similar material (but not including grass clippings) at our salt shed behind the Shell Gas Station on Kennedy Blvd.


Rinse containers thoroughly of food contaminates to eliminate odors. Nonfood containers do not need to be rinsed. Labels can be left on containers. Cans and plastic bottles do not need to be flattened but can be accepted as such to conserve space. Treat recyclables as a valuable resource, and store them in the red recycling container that has been provided to you. Plastics, glass and steel/aluminum cans should be kept together. The night before collection, place your red recycling container at the curb. Please DO NOT put your recycling in a garbage bag. Our Street Department WILL NOT pick them up.

Recycling Containers

The recycling container you receive is provided for your use by the City of Aliquippa and remains City property. Therefore, it is to be used solely for holding recyclables and must remain with the property if you move from the City. It also must be replaced at your expense if it is destroyed by misuse or if it is lost. The City recommends that your address be placed on the container.

For more information, call 724 375-9701 or visit the Public Works Department.


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