Emergencies Dial 911

300 Franklin Avenue
Aliquippa PA 15001


Police Chief

Donald A. Couch Jr.


Assistant Chief of Police

Joe Perciavale

Personnel Roster


Detective Captain
Ryan Pudik

Detective Sergeant
Steven Roberts

K-9 Sergeant
Jim Brown

Donald Lane III Giovanni Trello Kenneth Watkins

Jonathan Cochran Francis Conkle
John Lane Jonnie Schooley Robert Sealock

Nadine Anderson


An Equal Opportunity Employer



Aliquippa Police Department works together with the community and other city offices to make law enforcement a positive influence in the community.

The Police Department goes to one root cause of youth delinquency: boredom. Programs encourage young people to leave the street corner and participate in group activities offered by the Weed and Seed and Summer Recreational programs.

Among them is "Fun Night," a once-a-month sleep-in behind locked doors at The Church in the Round. Activities include story-telling, computer operation and other social interaction.

Other Programs

"Camp Fair Chance" operated by Assistant Police Chief Andre Davis that includes field trips to nearby Pittsburgh Pirates games Pittsburgh Science Center and the Allegheny County Wave Pool in North Park in August.

The nationally acclaimed D.A.R.E. program is run in cooperation with Aliquippa School District by Sergeant Doug Edgell.

Its Abandoned Vehicle Removal Program. Officers are given overtime pay during off-duty hours to identify abandoned vehicles. They post a "ticket" on a vehicle, warning that it will be towed within five days if it is not removed from public property. As a result, the program has resulted in removal of more than 200 abandoned cars a year in the three years the program has been in effect.