If you look at the Self Response color bar code at the Bottom of the Map you will see a percentage Range. Dark to light Brown indicate a low percentage turnout. Also, I have enclosed a link to the Census ROAM below.

Go to the Link a scroll down to the MAP use your Mouse to click on Beaver County. If you click on a Census track a box will appear like the one below. A Census track with a High Low Response percentage (shown below) indicates that those residents are not completing their on-Line forms NOTICE THE ACS Self-Response Rate in the BOX I placed a Census track in Center Twp.  6032.02 beside one in Aliquippa 6045. While both of these areas may have the same population the Census will not indicate it because the Census is looking at the response rate. For Example if 500 People is counted in Plan 11 and Plan 11 extension two Neighborhoods in Aliquippa and only 500 out of 1500 people  complete the on-line form than  1,000 residents could be underserve  because they were never counted. This could equate to up to a million dollars in aid.  This may be a Broadband problem or a lack of access to Computers. Hope this clarify the process.


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