Residents and Business Owners

Mayor Dwan B. Walker


Dear, Residents and Business Owners:


This is Aliquippa Mayor Dwan B Walker.  The COVID-19 stay at home order of Governor Wolf is a few weeks old.  It is not clear whether it will end on April 30, 2020 or be extended further.  Whatever happens, the Aliquippa City Council and Mayor want to thank you for your cooperation during these challenging times and to remind you to continue to stay at home.


While you are doing so, please be sensitive to the needs of your neighbors who are elderly or homebound.  If you can, please socialize with them by telephone or from a distance to see what they need and whether you can help them.


Also, our local businesses are in need your support now and in the future.  Many Aliquippa restaurants have take-out and would welcome the purchase or gift cards.  Other life-sustaining businesses such as food stores and pharmacies remain open for business.

Please know that tax office, city building, and also public safety personnel, police, fire, ambulance and road department are all available to meet your emergency needs.  Please be advised these offices are not taking walk ins. Remember tough times don’t last tough people do stay safe and healthy!  Together, we will all persevere.

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